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Are you 50 years + ? Do you feel lost in this world where technology, internet and electronics reigns? iPad50plus training is here to help you. The iPad has become an essential tool in everyones life! It is now powerful enough to replace your computer while being fast and powerful, portable, easy to use and energy efficient.

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    • Evolutive modules

    • Small groups with 2 teachers at the same time

    • 3 Modules, 2 hours per week for 12 weeks

    • Facebook support group

    • Online support with student portal and references

    • Our experienced instructors are calm and patient

    • Buy your iPad with us at discount

    Why Choose Us?

    iPad50Plus training

    We got you covered

    Get your iPad at a great discount with our seller network. We also have iPads available for the course.

    Easy way to learn iPad

    Our iPad course is well structured and simple to understand. The course is divided into 3 Modules to help you learn fast.

    Good Price

    We value our course, but we understand how people feel about paying for an iPad course. That's why our price is right. You will learn more than you will pay.

    Experienced instructors

    The two instructors are expert in the electronic, internet and web industry. They are also certified, iPad instructor.

    We teach at your location

    We come to you, so you don't need to worry about that. We also offer the class Elderly home or in our office classroom.

    Individual Assistance

    Our Facebook group is created to support and help each other. Our teacher will be there to give you tips, advice and more. Our students have an online portal where the course will be available and where you can send a support ticket.

    Frequently ask questions

    Why an iPad instead of another device like Android?
    Although many brands offer tablet like Microsoft and Android, we find that Apple iPad is the easiest to learn. It is very solid, it is natively protected against virus, and is as powerful if not more than a regular computer or any other tablets. Apple's devices are made with the very highest quality in term of hardware and will last for a decade. There is also a huge second-hand market which allows you to find the right device that fits your budget, and have a fantastic resale value should you want to upgrade to a newer version. Apple also has the largest selection of free and very affordable paid apps. Whatever you want to accomplish, there is an app for that. Once you go Apple, you will never look back.
    I know nothing about tablets or computer?
    Owning a new technologic device shouldn't scare you. With the proper training, you will learn the in and outs of this amazing device that is the Apple iPad. We at iPad50Plus, we are very aware of the challenge to learn new technologies, so we build the course to obtain the best learning process. For this reason, two teachers are present at every class, which allows simultaneous teacher's lectures and direct student support. You will be able to easily follow the exercises by doing it at the same time. No courses are similar to this one. You will learn fast, with ease and fun.
    What can I do with my new iPad?
    Among the countless things you can do with your iPad, some of the most requested application is communicating with your family and friends with Facebook. You can share news and pictures, and even free video calling through the internet and searching for a new recipe or some home ideas. You will find it easily with Google search. You want to listen to free music and videos? YouTube has the largest selection of music and video of your favourites artist. Youtube also has tutorials for learning virtually anything. From cooking to learning how to build a house, and all for free. You can read ebooks with Kindle, or listen to podcasts and radio. You can watch the news with your current station like CNN or TVA, or movies with Netflix, right on your iPad or streaming it through your big screen. You can also send and receive emails with the Google free office suite that include a word processor, a spreadsheet and a presentation application. Do you like to play games? The Apple App Store has lots of free games from word puzzles to racing and adventures. As you can see, there is virtually no limit of what you can do with an iPad.

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