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Welcome to IPad50. The computer has evolved tremendously over the last ten years. Smaller, faster, and more user-friendly device are hitting the market. Phones have become even faster than most of the computers that exist ten years ago.
Since I am a business traveller, it has always been my dream to leave with only a tablet and do my work on the road while being able to be entertained while on a flight, all without the bulk of a heavy, bulky laptop. Plus an external hard drive and also sorts of cables for when I need to listen to movies while on the go. My dream came through when I discovered Apple products. I first started to use their iPhone, which was so much less buggy than other brands, easy to operate and was compatible with all Apple product. Today, I owned a MacBook Pro, an IPad and an iPhone. All my device are seamlessly synced across them, and with the latest upgrades of IOS, it can definitively replace my computer. I was always so enthousiasm about my system that I have converted many people to Apple and IOS. One of my most significant success was when I turned my 80 years old mom with an iPhone and an IPad. She was a Windows user before, and I countlessly cleaned and debugged her computer. She always had to call me for support as she was always lost in the numerous Windows menus and was stuck not knowing how to do easy things like sending an email attachment, or navigating between the software which was asking her to update, refresh, or backup. This all changed with her iPad. She finds it easy to connect to Facebook, sharing documents and photos, even adjusting the settings for her liking. After she enrolled in an iPad course and found it not very adapted to her age and understanding, my wife and I thought it would be awesome to start giving adapted training for older people to learn to use their IPad. We develop a unique way to naturally learn within mind the challenge older people have with learning new technologies. You will be able to communicate with your family within the first few hours of training. We promote Apple as we think that it is absolutely the best system for older people’s need. It’s is rock solid, has the best Native protection against virus and human errors are protected with « setup and forget » backup system.
We invite you to learn the IPad the easy way. The course is a training session, so you will learn and practice at the same time. Two teachers at the same time will give you the best learning support money can buy. As only 24 hours of training, you will do more things than you ever did with an old fashion computer. Mobile computing is here to stay, and it is even more intuitive. Apple system doesn’t profoundly change with upgrade and updates, so you will never have to learn it again.
Jocelyn is a lifetime teacher, and Stephanie is a Web Designer. We both use Apple product exclusively, and we have worked together to bring the best method to learn what we think to be the best system around, and we’ll prove it. See what other people say about our course ion our reviews. Please join us for the next session and start sharing on social media and communicate with your close ones. Read, listen and learn with your iPad. With Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Kindle, Google, and many more The options are infinite. See you soon!... Your trainers Jocelyn and Stephanie